Special education rights attorney Jennifer Chang was interviewed by Authority Magazine for their series, “The 5 Things You Need To Become A Top Lawyer In Your Specific Field of Law.”

The article highlights Jennifer’s path to success in her specific field of law, special education rights, and the resilience and fortitude she developed as she grew into the lawyer she is today.

In the article, Jennifer shares how growing up in an immigrant family inspired her to do more to help the families in her Korean-American community, and work to dismantle stigmas attached to non-visible disabilities that so often hold children back. She reflects on the impact Southwestern Law School’s Children’s Rights Clinic had on the direction of her career, and the importance of giving back to the places that instilled in her passion and direction.

One of the most poignant subjects Jennifer discusses is her own struggle with learning disabilities and how her experiences have influenced the development of her practice and the compassion she brings to her clients.

At the core of her practice, Jennifer provides help and support to families who have nowhere else to turn, and guides families toward successful outcomes within the California public school system. Equally important to her practice is helping the families of students with special needs learn to advocate for themselves and their children, and hold the school system accountable when it comes to providing equal educational opportunities.

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Jennifer Chang zealously represents students with special needs in all facets of special education law through advocacy, negotiation, and litigation. She has offices in Los Angeles, San Jose and Buena Park, California. Learn more about Jennifer Chang at https://educationrightsattorney.com/