Jennifer Chang Discusses Access to Education on Absolute Trust Talk

Children with Special Needs, Individualized Education Plan, Special Education Law

Education Rights Attorney Jennifer Chang joined Kristen Howe on Absolute Trust Talk on April 6, 2023, to share her expertise and provide insight for parents who may be seeking additional educational support for their children. In a world where everything is complicated by legal nuances, the Absolute Trust Counsel provides a communications program, to introduce … Read More

Recognizing a Lack of 1:1 Services During Special Education Teacher Shortages

Children with Special Needs, Individualized Education Plan, Special Education Law

Special education aides are essential to the academic learning path of students with disabilities who require one-on-one assistance during their school day. Trained to administer the goals and objectives of a student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP), these aides offer an invaluable service to the school community. Across the nation, shortages of professionals in education are … Read More

Transition Planning for Students with IEPs

Developmental Disabilities, Dyslexia, Individualized Education Plan, Learning Disability, Special Education Law

Students can face difficulty deciding their next steps in life as they transition out of high school. However, for students with disabilities, that adjustment begins as early as elementary school and requires an in-depth analysis of personal interests, capabilities, and parental support to set each student up for success. As disabilities are manifested differently for … Read More

What is Alternative Placement?

Alternative Placement, Individualized Education Plan, Special Education Law

Alternative Placement is a disciplinary measure used in most public and charter schools to provide an alternative learning environment to a student who is struggling in a traditional school setting due to behavioral extremes. Through an in-depth process including observations, assessments, and district-level input, a student can be removed temporarily from their school and assigned … Read More

The Major Differences Between an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and a 504 Plan

Individualized Education Plan, Section 504, Special Education Law

When parents of children with special needs encounter the public school system for the first time, they often have questions about the kinds of assistance and services that will be available to their children. Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), all students ages three and up are entitled to a Free and Appropriate … Read More