Education Rights Attorney Jennifer Chang joined Kristen Howe on Absolute Trust Talk on April 6, 2023, to share her expertise and provide insight for parents who may be seeking additional educational support for their children.

In a world where everything is complicated by legal nuances, the Absolute Trust Counsel provides a communications program, to introduce available legal services of practicing attorneys across a range of industries that will help individuals and families prepare for their futures.

In this episode, Jennifer discusses:

  • The broad spectrum of disabilities that special needs education must address.
  • The role that Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) play in tailoring the educational experience for a special needs child and why parents must be incredibly diligent in ensuring that their child’s IEP accurately covers ALL of the services.
  • Why seeking the services of a special education attorney even before an impasse with the school district is in the best interests for all parties.
  • How school districts blame COVID for staffing shortages and why that isn’t an excuse when it comes to special needs support.

This episode will help you understand the tools and processes available to help special needs students receive the support they require to fully access the education they are entitled to.

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